Sunday, June 5, 2016

The beginning

Hi! I'm Jade. Five days ago I sent in my documentation to become a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Consultant. That's the title. I'm excited. And nervous. It's so far outside my comfort zone, I can't help but have jitters about it. 

About a month ago, a friend from elementary and middle school invited me to a LuLaRoe pop-up she was hosting. I really didn't know anything about LuLaRoe, but she was enthusiastic about the clothes. I had my doubts - she is petite and I am... not petite. I'm plus size. I generally don't buy things I can't try on first and I shop in the "Women's" department. Still, I was happy to go to the online pop-up and check it out on such high recommendation. 

I ended up buying leggings and a Cassie (skirt) and two (!) tops (a Classic T and a Perfect T).

Confession: I live in yoga pants and t-shirts (that are often old and faded and several have holes and/or stains). My work before this had balanced between SAHM and a professional job, which I worked from a home office. I only had to travel to clients on occasion. So, while I own some professional clothing for those trips, I don't really bother with putting myself together on the regular. It's not that I "don't care," but how I look just kept getting pushed further down my priority list to the point that I rarely got around to anything to do with that. The idea that I could be comfortable, still make minimal effort, and look a little more put together appealed. A great deal, really.

When I tried on those leggings. Oh. My. Goodness! So comfortable! Way more comfortable than my yoga pants. Really. Truly. And I felt good. I felt happy about what I was wearing. The Cassie? It made me feel a little sexy. I'm so tired and run down most of the time. I feel lumpy and bumpy and usually just want to cover myself up. But the skirt was form-fitting and I liked it. 
The Cassie skirt on date night.

Then it kind of just clicked in my mind. It all added up for me. I've been looking to challenge myself. I've been wanting to break out of my usual space, my comfort zone. I've been trying to balance contributing financially to my household and still being able to play a real and present role in my household (this one is very difficult for me). And after a lot of research (I was skeptical), I decided that LuLaRoe was definitely a way to achieve those things. Plus, I get to meet positive and supportive people, share clothes I really enjoy, and develop and grow personally. I've only just begun, but I already love that I'm getting to stretch creative muscles that haven't had much use in the recent past. The people I've met are supportive and encouraging, positive and fun. I'm anxious to get started!

I'm going to keep this blog as a sort of diary of my journey. My goal is to share my experiences, thoughts and feelings along the way. Please feel free to ask questions and I'll answer them as candidly as I can.

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