Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Queue Club Cub

Today is two weeks since I submitted my paperwork! LuLaRoe has been onboarding consultants at a good clip, so I hope I'll be able to launch my store by the end of summer (fingers crossed!). I thought I'd write an update about Queue Club - what it is, what to expect, and what I'm doing.

Queue Club is what LuLaRoe calls those of us who are waiting to onboard (become a consultant with our own inventory). I'm a "cub" (title) because I'm on the team LuLaLions and while I'm in the queue, I'm a Lion cub! It's absolutely the best team, too! All of the people I've met are so supportive and encouraging to one another. It's truly a fantastic environment!

There are a bunch of us Lion Cubs who support each other via a closed facebook group. We also have the support of the Lions who are now consultants. We ask questions and get tips and insights from people who were where we are now a few days ago/ weeks ago/ months ago. In trying to be successful at something outside of my comfort zone, for me it's absolutely critical to have support and help from active, interested, and positive teammates. And I'm getting that!

Let me back up and say that, even before queue club, there are steps I took. First, I read up on LuLaRoe, the company's philosophy and history as well as its business model. Next, I considered what I needed to commit, not only financially, but also personally. Then, I came up with a preliminary business plan, considering cash flow, investment, repayment times, and marketing and merchandising. I mulled over my own strengths and opportunities to improve. Finally, I researched teams and sponsors. I contacted more than one consultant, knowing I needed to have a good team and a sponsor I could rely on to help me through the start up phase and beyond. Only after that, I sent in my paperwork.

After I submitted my paperwork, I continued to develop my plans (can you guess that I consider planning and the business side one of my strengths?). Through the facebook group, I've been actively learning a lot from my teammates and lending a hand where I can. I've earned an MBA, worked in the fields of accounting and marketing, and had my own business before as a market research consultant, so I try to contribute what I can based on my business background.

In addition, I started to move forward with some of my plans - doing not just planning! I've followed tips and insights from my team to help figure out how best to take action: setting up and testing out various social media pages (which I'll link to on my blog once they're ready!), developing content for social media, creating business cards, setting up a bank account, checking on licensing and insurance requirements in my state, and starting to acquire a few of the items that will help with marketing and merchandising product.

Also, I'm looking forward to practicing photographing product (for now that means the LuLaGoodies I've bought for myself). Photography is a hobby of mine, so it's one of the areas I'm feeling good about it. It's important to have some wins early on to develop confidence!

We are also invited to take part in a weekly Queue Club call from the company (this week, LuLaRoe founder/owner Deanne spoke to us and offered advice and current information!).

If you're considering selling LuLaRoe, I would encourage you to do your research, think it through and ask lots of questions. Talk to consultants. Talk to people in the queue. Ask hard questions. Think about who you would work well with and whether you'll have the support you'll need from the team you'll join. Please feel free to ask me questions. I will do my best to answer everything as best I can.We all have different strengths and experiences, which is why it's so important to have a sponsor and team we can rely on. I am happy to tell you whatever I can and would encourage you to find a sponsor you really got on well with, personally. We all know how good teammates and colleagues can help us achieve more and make work so much better! I'm happy to sponsor more Lion cubs and grow our team with more talented, positive, fun people. I want you to know that even if you ask questions and decide not to become a consultant or chose to join a different team, I would never feel sad that I spent time talking to someone! How else would you be able to figure out whether this is right for you? I want everyone to feel good about what they're doing and to have the best experience they can have. That's what LuLaRoe is all about! So, by all means, ask me questions if it will help you figure out your best path!

I think that's a pretty good (if not long-winded) overview of Queue Club and what I've been up to so far. Again, if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them!

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