Friday, June 24, 2016

Social call

In one way, waiting in the queue is kind of excruciating. Once I've decided to do this, I want to get on with it! But, it's also really good to have time to work on things, prepare, and so on.

What have I been working on?

I got my business cards printed. I've even had the opportunity to use them! My goal is to give out at least 100 by the time I onboard. Not leave them behind willy nilly, but actually hand them to a person and let them know about LuLaRoe. I may be kidding myself by saying 100 (if I have 6-8 more weeks to wait, and the queue is moving fast, so I might not have that long, then that's about 2 a day). That might seem easy to some, but I think that's a achievable challenge for me.

I've started posting to my Instagram and Facebook groups (links are in the Shop LuLaRoe tab near the header of this blog). Looking forward to getting to know some of you all there, so join me!

The purchasing of "stuff" has begun. I've got a background I'll use for some of my product photos, a rack (but I'll need a few more), and some of my photo equipment already. Still coming: hangers, another photo background, maybe some studio lighting, mailers, labels, and so on.

There are also some more items I'll have printed, like thank you cards, care instructions, and a few other bits and pieces (I'm still working on exactly what I'll need and the best way to make all my customers feel loved and appreciated!).

What plans do I have for the next several weeks?

Glad you asked! Among other plans, I'm looking forward to launching a YouTube channel so you can get to know me better, starting up on Twitter/Periscope, where I will likely do some live events once I have inventory, and putting my LuLaRoom in order. I'll also be working on finding some hosts for some pop-ups (in person - Cincinnati area in Ohio - and online), so get in touch if that is something you might be interested in doing! (It's fun, pretty easy to do, and you earn free clothes!)

Hopefully, my next post will include a link to my YouTube channel!

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